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Intrigued by climate change? Fascinated by germs? Captivated by space and the stars? While there is much we don’t yet know or understand about the universe – and about the people and things within it – there is still plenty we do know. Over the centuries scientists and philosophers have worked tirelessly to figure out why and how things work, so that now we better understand the human body, chemical reactions, the secrets of space, and oh so much more. Sharing that knowledge, science books – whether they are physics books, biology books or chemistry books – can help pique new ways of thinking for anyone with an interest in science.

When it comes to technology, advances in innovation seem to be made every day. Whether it’s the Internet of Things, electric cars, solar technology or 3D printing, sometimes it seems like sci-fi has taken over the real world. Even ten years ago, most of us could not imagine carrying around these amazingly tiny supercomputers we now call smartphones. Just as with science, technology is truly fascinating for those with an interest in it. Which is why there is a dizzying array of technology and IT books in publication. Want to know more? You’d better start reading!

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Whether you simply enjoy learning for the sake of learning, or whether you’re studying for a qualification, there is a great range of technology and science books on offer at Westfield. Ready to shop online? Simply head to Westfield’s online catalogue and search the field that you have an interest in – whether that’s science books, IT books or anything in between. Home to an excellent range of book sellers and book stores, Westfield is the place to go for online book shopping. You can find everything from technology and science books, to popular fiction, travel books, history books and health and fitness books.