About Reference Books

Reference Books

With search engines such as Google at our fingertips, the world today is not as reliant on reference books as it once was. Do you really need an atlas when you have Google Maps? Do you really need an encyclopedia when you have Wikipedia? Do you really need dictionaries when you have spell check? While technology has certainly made information easier to obtain, it doesn’t necessarily mean all reference books have now become obsolete.

Take dictionaries, for instance. Dictionaries can be really handy to have around the house, especially if you have kids who need to look up vocabulary for school. The same applies for thesauruses. If you’re ever struggling to find an alternative way of saying something, a thesaurus can be the perfect tool. And again, a thesaurus can go hand-in-hand with a dictionary on your kids’ bookshelf for school. Perhaps you have an interest in geography, or your kids are learning about it at school? Packed with interesting stuff, an atlas can provide valuable info as well as a sense of scale for kids learning about geography. What about an encyclopedia? Another great learning tool, an encyclopedia can provide information on a vast range of subjects that kids might not otherwise learn about.

Shopping for Reference Books

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