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Whether inspired by the world surrounding it, or inspiring the world it surrounds – art, fashion and design provide a truly fascinating study. The study of art could be life-long, either for those who create it, or those who follow and examine it. Art comes in all forms, with some artists making use of the more traditional mediums such as paint, print or sculpture, while others use more modern forms of expression, like animation and graphic novels.

For those who follow it, design is an equally important form of expression as art. Design covers a vast array of practices. Whether it’s the inner design workings of the world-famous Sydney Opera House, or the design of a new $50 note, there is much to study and plenty to discuss in the world of design.

More interested in fashion? The fashion industry is big business, worth billions, if not trillions of dollars, the world over. But while fashion is all about current trends, it is an industry with a fascinating past. From the corset to the mini skirt, fashion can certainly tell us a lot about people throughout time.

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