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Cookbooks and Food

As cooking shows and celebrity chefs continue to crowd our television screens, food and the art of cooking becomes ever more popular in everyday life. While some people are happy to cook to eat to live, others prefer to cook to eat to love. Food for them is more than just sustenance; it is a creation, a passion, a hobby. Which is one reason why there are so many cookbooks and recipe books now packing book store shelves!

From simple cookbooks that explain how to achieve the basics in the kitchen, to in-depth recipe books that demonstrate the true art of cooking. Ever wanted to create a cracking croque-en-bouche, a marvellous macaron, or a lusciously liquid lava cake? Then get the cookbook! Cookbooks can teach you how to pickle or preserve, how to slow cook or cook organic, and how to cook cuisines from a hundred different countries. Looking to change your diet? But of course, there are food books and cooking books that focus on particular diets, showing all those people who want to go gluten free, sugar-free or paleo how it’s done.

Cook Up a Storm with Cookbooks and Food Books

With cookbooks and recipe books covering almost every style of cooking and food preparation, there are plenty of options for budding chefs. Head out to your local Westfield for a wide range of book sellers and book stores, selling big names such as Jamie Oliver, Curtis Stone and Nigella Lawson. Whether you struggle to boil an egg, or you see yourself as the next big thing on the Food Network, there is sure to be a cookbook for you. Be sure to check out Westfield’s awesome dining options for inspiration, and stock up on kitchenware and cookware from our exciting speciality stores.