About Fiction


From story books to novels, there are some books that just seem to resonate with readers. Some books rely on their characters, using each character’s appeal and depth of personality as the main source of plotline. With these novels, the reader moves through the story within the lives of its characters, perhaps without the need for intensely dramatic storylines and plot twists. On the other hand, some fiction books are driven by action, by intrigue, and by drama. While the characters in these novels may be multi-layered and multi-dimensional, it’s really the force of the plot that drives the audience to keep reading.

What makes each book ‘good’ often comes down to the reader and his ability to relate. Perhaps the book calls out to the reader because the story is set in his hometown, or somewhere he has visited. Perhaps the characters are living through something the reader has experienced, or has an interest in. Perhaps the book provides a means of escape; something so far from the reader’s reality that it provides either welcome respite or a longed-for adventure. These forms of fiction come in all styles and cover all genres – so whether you’re into scintillating sci-fi and fantasy, thrilling crime, mystery and suspense, or bodice-busting period drama classics, check out the fiction section of your local bookshop to find novels that other readers give the thumbs up.

Shopping for Fiction

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