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Young and Teen Fiction

While some kids struggle to finish their assigned reading homework, others can’t seem to get their noses out of a book. Whether your kids love reading or dislike it with a passion, you can help encourage their progress with the vast range of young and teen fiction currently bulging from book store shelves. Whether it’s junior fiction, young adult fiction or teen fiction, this genre is hugely popular – making it perfect for choosy kids who need some inspiration!

So, why is the genre so popular? For one thing, teen fiction has made it big on the silver screen in recent years, bringing it to the wider attention of both kids and adults. Stephenie Meyer’s Bella and Edward were brought to life in Twilight, followed by Suzanne Collins’ Katniss and Peta in The Hunger Games, and then Veronica Roth’s Tris and Four in the Divergent trilogy. Similarly, Cassandra Clare’s Clary and Jace have found fame on the small screen in Shadowhunters (based on The Mortal Instruments series), alongside Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars. The success of these films and television shows has created a demand within the young adult and adult audience, leading to more and more books being written within the genre. What does that mean for teen fiction fans? More great books to be discovered, of course!

Finding the Best Young and Teen Fiction

New books for teens and younger kids are hitting the shelves every day. So, if you’re looking for young adult fiction or teen fiction, head down to Westfield to find out what’s on offer. Check out Westfield’s book sellers and book stores, with big brands and speciality sellers offering up a great range. Whether you’re looking for young and teen fiction for your kids, or perhaps some popular fiction or new releases for yourself, Westfield has it covered. While you’re there, treat yourself to an indulgent shopping experience; finding out what your favourite brands have in store, relaxing in the food court, and checking out the awesome entertainment options.