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Funny Books

From Charlie Chaplin and the Marx brothers, to Louis C.K. and Billy Connolly, there always has been and there always will be funny guys and girls who light up the stage with their own particular brand of comedy. While there are many different types of funny, it’s safe to say, most people have a sense of humour. So, whether it’s toilet humour or sardonic political wit, there is something out there to tickle almost everyone’s funny bone.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift – and you just happen to know what makes the recipient tick comedically – then a comedy book could be a great option. There are plenty of comedy and funny books out there, filled with everything from observational comedy, to punnery, to cartoons. Comedy books can also be fun to have around the house, with many people choosing to display them on the coffee table or in the bathroom for guests to have a giggle at. Know someone who loves telling jokes? What better gift than a range of joke books to help them broaden their talent!

Discover the Funnier Side of Life with Funny Books and Joke Books

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