About Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. Finding the perfect gift wrap is. You can find a huge range of gift wrap in a vast range of styles, perfect for wrapping up presents so that they look their absolute best. One of the most popular ways to wrap a gift is with gift wrap or wrapping paper. Gift wrap comes in a dazzling array of colours, complete with all imaginable patterns and designs. If you’re looking for wrapping paper for kids, you can find a great selection of fun designs, featuring characters that range from Bob the Builder to Barbie. Wrapping paper design can also match the occasion, with everything from jolly Christmas wrapping paper to elegant wedding gift wrap.

Want more from your gift wrap? While wrapping paper looks good, there are decorative touches that can make a gift look really special. Look for ribbons and bows to match your gift wrap, as well as matching cards and labels for a more complete look. Not that good at gift wrapping? Don’t worry, there are other options for items that are hard to wrap. Check out the range of gift boxes and bags that make gift wrapping a breeze. Just don’t forget the tissue paper to make the gift look pretty inside!

Buying Gift Wrap and Wrapping Paper

Who doesn’t love getting given a gift? Opening a beautifully wrapped gift can really make your day, whether on your birthday or on any other occasion. At Westfield, you can find a wide range of wrapping paper and gift wrapping essentials, such as boxes, bags, ribbons and bows. Visit Westfield to discover the selection of gift wrap – and perhaps the perfect gift too! From men’s watches, to women’s jewellery, to everything for kids, you can find it all at Westfield! Time to treat yourself? Why not indulge in a little shopping spree, something delicious at the food court, or check out any of Westfield’s amazing entertainment options? You know you want to!