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Stickers and Labels

Stickers and labels offer one of the easiest ways to keep your workspace – and home – organised. Both stickers and labels come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to label and organise everything from storage boxes to DVDs. What type of stickers and labels do you need? One of the most common types of labels for home and office are file and folder labels. Whether you’re a student, whether you have a home office, or whether you run your own business, file and folder labels can help keep all your documentation neatly labelled so you know exactly where everything is.

Another common type of label is the address label. Instead of writing out addresses by hand, address labels allow you to print out each address so that it looks professional. Looking for other types of printed labels? You can find labels in a range of sizes that are suitable for printing on, and for writing on. What about DVDs and CDs. Instead of writing directly on your CD or DVD with permanent marker, you can use DVD and CD labels to create a more professional look. What about stickers? Coloured stickers can be ideal for filing or labelling, allowing you to easily differentiate items according to colour.

Finding Stickers and Labels at Westfield

Featuring a huge range of big brands and speciality stores, Westfield is the place to go for all your desk and office organisation needs. Whether you’re looking for stickers and labels, or any other desk organisation essentials, check out the great range on offer using Westfield’s online catalogue. Searching for stationery? Stock up on everything from pens and pencils to stationery sets and glues, adhesives and tape, from a fantastic selection of brands and all the big names. If you don’t fancy shopping online, simply create a To Buy list and pop in to your nearest Westfield. There you can tick everything off your list – and then treat yourself at any of Westfield’s awesome dining and entertainment facilities. A great way to spend the day!