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Files and Folders

Whether you’re a student or a business owner, files and folders are essential if you want to stay organised. Files and folders come in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to both file and organise documents, as well as present them. So, what should you look for when buying files and folders? One of the first things to think about when comparing files and folders is what they will be used for. Will you be storing documents for the long haul, or will you need access to them regularly? You should also think about whether you will need to add to each file and folder on a regular basis, and how easy it will be to do this.

Files and folders need to be easy to organise, especially if you have a lot of them. Think about whether these files and folders will be organised upright in shelves, side-by-side in filing cabinets or desk drawers, or perhaps flat-packed in storage boxes. Make sure the files and folders you choose can be easily labelled – and if you change folder contents regularly, that each folder can be easily re-labelled. Alternatively, if you are looking for files and folder to present information, there are other factors to consider. These can include how accessible you want the presented documents to be, how many pages the folder needs to hold, and what colour scheme will best suit the occasion.

Shopping for Files and Folders at Westfield

With a wide range of desk organisation essentials on offer, Westfield is the place to go to buy files and folders for work or school. Browse the options using Westfield’s online catalogue, making a list of everything you need, or buying online for easy home delivery. Need any other desk and office essentials? Check out Westfield’s range of stationery and accessories, such as pens and pencils, markers and highlighters, notebooks and journals from a great selection of brands.