About Skin Care

Glowing Skin With A Healthy, Radiant Look

Having nice skin is something that everyone craves, it makes us look and feel good! Adding skin care to your regular health and beauty regime is a sure-fire way to keep you glowing and looking gorgeous. Westfield stock a wide variety of women's skin care items, to cater for all different kinds of skin, from dry to sensitive to oily. If you want softer skin that's silky to the touch, then you should have a look at our range of moisturisers. Skin masks help keep your face fresh and clean and are a nice little indulgence at the end of a long day. Buff away all that dead skin with a wide assortment of exfoliating products, there's something for everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin. Want to keep your skin looking young for longer? You'll need to get your hands on some suncare products, to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays.

Source the Top Skin Care Products

From budget brands to high-end products, we have everything that you could hope. Shop online from the comfort of your home and browse through our entire skin care category, a few simple clicks will get the products delivered straight to your door. If you'd prefer to get out and about, then look up your nearest Westfield centre and visit us for an enjoyable day of shopping. Many skin care experts work in the retail stores and are all happy to help you make well-informed decisions.