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About Face & Body Scrubs & Washes

Scrubs and Exfoliators for Body Buffing

Everyone enjoys a good soak in the bath with their favourite products and now you can add an exfoliating routine to your relaxation time. While you know that skin care and moisturising is an important part of your daily beauty routine, a good body wash and scrub also has a whole array of positives for your skin. As well as buffing away dead skin cells, exfoliators and body scrubs leave your skin soft and well-prepared for shaving, waxing and moisturising. Body scrubs contribute to your overall beauty and health as they leave your skin feeling good and looking even better! Using a body scrub on a regular basis will give your skin a more youthful and vibrant look. You can scrub and exfoliate at home to leave your skin feeling as good as if you'd spent the day in a top-end salon.

Buying Body Scrubs and Body Wash

Enjoy a wide variety of the best body scrubs available on the market when you shop online at Westfield. Online shopping with Westfield is economical since you’ll save time and energy and your products will arrive right at your door. However, sometimes nothing’s better than a real shopping spree and you can do this at your nearest Westfield centre. You can buy all the body wash and body scrub products you need by going into individual stores at Westfield. There’s a great sense of community and you’ll love a day out, without having to worry about the weather!