About Men's Skin Care

Care for Your Skin With Aftershave, Moisturiser and More

Men and women's skin are different, men's skin containing thicker layers, and larger pores. Luckily Westfield has a whole variety of men's skin care products which are specifically catered to your skin to help keep you looking fresh. Men's grooming is important to keep you looking and feeling your best, especially because regular shaving can take its toll on your skin. A consistent daily skin care routine can battle this, using the right products for your skin type including men’s moisturiser and men’s aftershave.  Moisturiser hydrates the skin and aftershave helps lock in moisture and defends skin by blocking out unwanted elements. You can choose your aftershave based on fragrance or function. As well as applying your skincare products, it's important to protect your freshly moisturised skin from the sun with a suitable sunscreen to keep you looking young and fresh.

Shopping for Men’s Skincare Products

The ideal way to shop for your men’s skincare products is online with Westfield. We have a great choice of men’s moisturiser and aftershave from all the well-known retailers. Shop from the comfort of your home and get products delivered straight to your door. All the brands and retailers you could need are together in one place. Find out where your nearest Westfield centre is and browse the shops to find the men’s skincare products you need. Westfield offers the opportunity to combine shopping with leisure and entertainment. Each centre provides a pleasant and relaxing environment for shoppers, whether you’re on your own or with friends or family.