About Nail Polish, Lacquer & Enamel

Elegant Nails are at Your Fingertips

Though it may seem like a small thing, a simple layer of polish on your nails can make you feel a million dollars! No matter whether you're in the mood for a muted nude colour, a gothic black, a ravishing red or a bold glittery look, we have everything right here at Westfield. Keep your hands looking gorgeous for that nail lacquer by moisturising them regularly and buffing away any hard skin.

Are you the type of person who likes to match their polish to their outfit? Then have a look at our wide range of accessories and rings, which you mix and match to fit in with your chosen nail colour.

Buying the best nail varnish products

Our extensive online catalogue displays all the gorgeous nail products you could desire. Westfield isn’t just an online marketplace, you can pay a visit to your nearest shopping centre to look for your favourite nail enamel in person. Each spacious mall has a network of shops, restaurants and cafes so you can shop and relax under one roof. You’ll never want to jostle the crowds on the high street again after experiencing the harmony that Westfield has to offer.