Perfume & Cologne

About Perfume & Cologne

Irresistible Fragrances are Your Best Friend

Perfume is a luxury item that everyone loves to indulge in. Taking the time to pick out your favourite scent and wearing it during the day can help lift your mood and get you noticed. Westfield retailers stock perfume, cologne, aftershave and all kinds of different fragranced body washes for everyone so that you can pick out your signature scent and wear it with pride. When you smell a perfume, you often think of someone special and this is how fragrance helps to give you your unique identity. Make adding a splash of perfume in the morning a part of your daily beauty routine. Doing your makeup, taking care of your hair and treating your skin well all combine to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous, and adding that spritz of scent can finish off your ensemble. Whether you choose your fragrance based on smell, celebrity endorsement or price, Westfield has a fragrance for you!

Buying your dream fragrance

You can pick out your fragrance or cologne online to see our huge range of different brands and get it delivered straight to your doorstep in no time at all. Or, if you prefer to try before your buy, you can head on down to your nearest Westfield and spend a couple of hours smelling all the different perfumes that we have on offer! Our Westfield centres have everything you could possibly want, all under one roof. With cafes and eateries galore, why not stop for a snack or coffee break in between purchases?