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About Hair Care & Colour

Hair Treatments for Fabulous Hair

Caring for your hair can be an enjoyable and relaxing part of your beauty regime, while also keeping you looking well-groomed and youthful. At Westfield, we have a selection of modern hair treatments including luxury shampoos and conditioners as well as special lotions and potions to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle. Hair colour allows you to change your look whenever you choose; you can even explore your wild side with dye available in all the colours of the rainbow. Hair colour also covers grey hair, which is perfect for people over a certain age.

Hair care goes hand in hand with beauty and skin care. Both play a major role in helping you to look and feel your best, whether you’re out on business or at a social occasion. When you combine your hair colour with a complementary accessory and embellish with some jewellery, you can create an individual look that’s a real show stopper!

Shop for the Best Hair Care Products

When you shop for hair treatments at Westfield you benefit from our simple online portal that makes shopping a breeze. Find all your favourite haircare brands at Westfield centres. Visiting your nearest Westfield centre will reveal a multitude of top stores where you can browse through the many different hair treatment products at your leisure. Westfield showcases many stores all under one roof and when you want to take a break from your shopping you can enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the many stylish cafes and restaurants. Shop alone, with friends, or take the kids for a great day out at Westfield.