About Garment Bags

Protect Your Best Outfits with a Garment Bag

Garment bags protect your valuable suits and outfits when travelling. When you’ve bought quality clothing, you don’t want to stuff your lovely dresses, jackets and trousers into a cramped suitcase. A risk when packing your travel bags is that toiletries such as shampoo and makeup could leak and stain clothing, a garment bag will protect your formal clothing in this scenario. You can also invest in a suit bag, to keep your clothing looking flawless. A suit bag is a protective wrapper, large enough for nearly all garments and hangers. Your suit bag can travel as an individual item of luggage and you're able to hang it up in your car to keep your suit crease-free. Alternatively, you can put your clothing inside a suit bag before folding it and packing it inside your suitcase. Garment bags are also great for storing your best clothing in your wardrobe to protect from dust and fibres from other items. They also prevent moths from doing their worst! We also have a whole variety of other bags for your essentials, including handbags, business bags, carry-on bags and toiletry bags.

Different Ways to Buy Your Suit Bag

You can buy a toiletry bag at Westfield and choose from different styles and colours. Buy online from Westfield to save time and for convenience, get everything delivered straight to your door with minimal fuss. Or, you can look up your nearest Westfield centre and head down to purchase your toiletry bags in person.