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Purses and handbags are vital for carrying your money, bank cards, keys and all the other odds and ends that are essential in your everyday life! There’s an enormous range of purses and leather handbags available to buy at Westfield and it can be difficult to know which size and style will suit you best. If you have lots of bank cards and carry a lot of change, you’ll need a larger purse with plenty of compartments or maybe a cross body bag to keep everything safe and close to you. If you like to have your all your makeup products with you during the day, as well as other luxury items such as your mobile phone, hairbrush, diary and purse, then a larger handbag or satchel would be the ideal choice. You may want to consider a tote bag for those days when you're going to be doing a lot of shopping. Heading for a fancy night out? Complement your outfit with the perfect clutch. Or do you need a sturdy day-to-day bag? Take a look at our range of shoulder bags and pick out your perfect piece! No matter what your handbag needs are, you’ll be able to find a bag to suit you when you shop at Westfield.

Handbag and Purse Shopping Made Easy

You can choose to shop online with us and get your dream bag delivered straight to your door. Or if you prefer to shop in person, find your nearest Westfield and you can wander through the shops at your leisure and examine all the handbags and purses before you decided to buy one.