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Diaries and Compendiums

While some people can’t do without their smartphones, others prefer to live life old school, using diaries and compendiums to keep their day-to-day life in order. Whether it’s for home or for work, a diary can offer the perfect way to stay on top of everything you need to do in the day. You can set yourself reminders to pay bills on time, to send birthday cards, or to pick up certain items you need from the supermarket. Got kids? Kids’ schedules can be hectic, but with sports, dance, play dates and sleepovers all set in the diary, you’ll always know who has to be where, and when.

A compendium can be equally as handy. Available in a variety of designs, compendiums can offer a range of functionality. Most compendiums allow you to carry a notebook and pen, so you can easily take notes on-the-go. Some also feature business card pockets, so you’ll always have a business card handy when making new contacts. Some compendiums also feature a zipped enclosure or an expanding file section, perfect for carrying loose notes and other small personal items. Lastly, a compendium can create a certain look. A beautiful leather compendium can look incredibly stylish, perhaps more stylish than a smartphone, which, you know, everyone seems to have.

Buying Diaries and Compendiums

Whether you’re buying one for yourself or as a gift, diaries and compendiums are timeless classics. For anyone who prefers to keep their business on paper rather than on-screen, these really are the perfect option. Home to the biggest names and the most popular brands, Westfield features a great range of diaries and compendiums. Take a look at Westfield’s online catalogue to browse your options, and then buy online to enjoy easy home delivery. Looking for other gift ideas? Check out Westfield’s beautiful range of women’s jewellery, men’s watches, and perfume and cologne to find a gift for that special someone.