About Briefcases

The Best Briefcases for Professionals

A briefcase is a timeless classic work bag for a really professional look, synonymous with the working man or woman. When you’re wearing a suit, you’ll look the part with a briefcase to carry all your work supplies. They can be made of leather, faux leather, fabric or nylon depending on the look you want to achieve. Men’s leather briefcases are the ultimate in style and quality. There are all different types of briefcase, some with secure closures and code locks and different compartments for your mobile phone and tablet or laptop, also compartments for files, notepads and pens. Pick a style of briefcase that matches your personality, tailor your bag to your outfit choice or choose the one that has the best storage options for you. Some bags look ultra-professional and, when you’re climbing the corporate ladder, carrying the right briefcase can give all the right signals. If you don't need something quite so formal, you can take a look at our regular men's bag and women's handbags for day to day use. We also stock a range of rucksacks and travel bags if you're in need of more room.

How to Buy a Top Quality Briefcase

Choose from the top bag retailers when you shop with Westfield. Try them out before you buy them and chat to the experts about the best brands. If you prefer to shop online, you can have everything you need, right at your fingertips.