About Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags

Essential for anyone travelling with a laptop, laptop bags come in all styles and designs, suitable for all types of laptops and tablets. Designed to protect your laptop, while making it easy to carry, laptop bags are great for the commuter or the overseas traveller. So, which type of laptop bag would suit you? One of the first things to think about when buying laptop bags is the amount of space you will need to carry other essentials. Do you just need to carry the laptop, or do you need the power cable, mouse and other laptop-related equipment? Perhaps you want your laptop bag to double as a handbag or backpack, carrying your laptop and everything else you need for the day as well?

If you simply want to protect your laptop within your existing bag, a laptop skin or sleeve could be a good option. Often available in a range of colours, these sleeves are lightweight and act as a protective wrap for your laptop. If you want a laptop bag that allows you to carry your laptop along with a few essentials, then a regular laptop bag or laptop case is needed, which can then be carried alongside other bags you have with you. Or, if you want to cut down on baggage, choose a laptop bag that doubles as a backpack or handbag. These types of laptop bags allow you to carry your laptop, as well as your gym stuff, your wallet, your lunch, and anything else you might need.

Shopping for Laptop Bags

Laptop bags can be as stylish and as versatile as handbags and backpacks. It’s simply a matter of finding the laptop case or bag that suits your laptop as well as your needs. Luckily, Westfield has a great selection of laptop bags to choose from, in a great range of styles. Head on over to your nearest Westfield to find the laptop case for you, alongside anything else you might need! Need a new laptop to match your laptop bag? What about a new smartphone? Westfield makes it easy to shop for everything you need – all in one place!