Betaglucare Oat Sachets 25g - 28 Pack

Betaglucare Oat Sachets 25g - 28 Pack
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Betaglucare Oat Sachets 25g - 28 Pack
Betaglucare contains a soluble fibre from oats called beta-glucan which reduces LDL blood cholesterol when eaten daily in the required quantity of 3g as part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat. Each daily portion sachet of Betaglucare contains the necessary 3g of beta-glucan required. How Does Betaglucare Work? When the high quality beta-glucan contained in Betaglucare reaches the stomach, it dissolves and forms a gel. This gel binds with bile acid in the small intestine, and then exits naturally. Bile acid is produced in the liver from cholesterol. By binding to the gel, the bile acid is not re-absorbed and as a result, the liver needs to produce new bile acid from cholesterol in the bloodstream.Betaglucare is rich in fibre so it's great for gut health, it's also extremely low GI, which can assist in balancing blood glucose levels. Betaglucare is beneficial if you are at the borderline of going onto medication, or as a complementary option if you are already taking cholesterol lowering medications. If you are on medication add Betaglucare to your diet. It takes 2 to 3 months to reduce your LDL at which time you should consult your doctor on your blood test results. There are no known interactions with medications. How do I eat it? The crispy oat hearts have a pleasant taste ideal as a breakfast on its own with milk or you can add fresh fruit, yoghurt or your favourite breakfast cereal. There is also a powder version available which is ideal for smoothies.
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