The 6 classic shoe styles every man should own


The 6 classic shoe styles every man should own

Men’s shoe trends are a funny thing. Just like women’s shoe trends, different styles, fabrics and colours cycle in popularity, but traditionally what’s ‘in’ doesn't evolve as dramatically for him as it does for her.

Happily, that means there are a few styles – like suede desert boots, white sneakers and leather loafers – that are considered classic when it comes to men’s fashion. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 6 trend-proof shoes made for winter wandering. Shop these go-to styles and you’ll be covered for every occasion, from casual drinks to a job interview.

Old school sneakers

There’s no denying that the simple silhouettes of retro sneakers have been trending over the past few seasons. That said, throwback styles have firmly crossed over into classic territory – many brands have been pumping out updated versions of their bestsellers for decades. Go for white sneakers for maximum versatility, or try on a pair of colourful kicks for something more adventurous. If you dress in neutral shades, they’ll match with more than you think.

Try Cotton On, Williams, Spendless, Target or Kmart.

Dress sneakers

While old school sneakers skew towards casual men’s fashion, dress sneakers will smarten up your vibe. These are the sneakers to reach for when you want to dress down a casual suit or tailored trousers. If you’re on a budget, follow the golden rule: choose a leather or suede pair with minimal branding in white, tan or black.

Try Betts, Williams, Spendless or Target

Training shoes

More sneakers! This time we’re talking about the kind you wear to the gym. Look to athletic brands for shoes that perform where it counts and are comfy to wear. Trainers that are made for running and exercise have technology at the forefront, so they can be a little lacking in the looks department. If you care about how well they match your workout gear, ask a sales assistant to find you a sleek pair that suits your needs, in neutral colours.

Try Rebel.

Image credit: @rebelsport

Cap-toe oxfords

Got an important business meeting? Easy. A mate’s wedding? Completely fine! Your own wedding? Sorted. The go-to dress shoe for men, black cap-toe oxfords will always be appropriate, no matter the fanciness of the event. They’re not suited to anything informal, but hey, you’ve got sneakers for that! Consider a second pair in brown leather – they work much better with casual styling.

Try Betts, Williamsor Spendless.

Leather boots

A mainstay of men’s winter fashion, leather boots come in dozens of styles. This season you’ll find desert, chukka, and military-inspired are the most popular. Our tip? Figure out how hard-wearing you need them to be, and choose your fabric and colour accordingly. Black or tan leather is hardy and ages well, scratches and all. If you’d like to keep a nicer pair aside for formal events, make sure you get a regular shoe care routine in order.

Try Betts, Williams, Spendless, Kmart or Target.

Classic loafers

What used to be a staple of preppy fashion has now become a pretty universal shoe style. Low cut and lace-free, they’re perfect for wearing with tailored shorts in summer and chinos in the winter months. (See also: Brogues and boat shoes.) Go for a colour that suits your existing wardrobe – navy is a nice break from black and works well with white, beige and green. Tan is another good choice - just keep them out of the rain.

Try yd, Tarocash, Betts or Spendless.

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