Entertaining at home this festive season? Here are some quick


Entertaining at home this festive season? Here are some quick

The season for entertaining is upon us. Think giant fruit-infused salads, seafood, cheese boards, cocktail jugs, and more seafood. Trying to remember every family member to invite to your get-together can be strenuous, but getting your food sorted doesn't have to be. We’ve pulled together some quick pointers on nailing the classics, so you can spend less time stressing in the kitchen, and more time enjoying the company of your friends and family this holiday season.

Get grazing

The grazing platter is the pinnacle of entertaining. Whether large or or more petite in size, these are the perfect centerpiece for a silly season get-together. Pick up a wooden grazing board from Bed Bath N' Table and head to My Fine Foods to stock up on cheese, cold meats and olives. While you're at it, don’t forget to grab some fresh fruit to pull it all together. You’ll find a full selection at The Harvest Store.

The salad of the season

No holiday-season-do is complete without the prawn salad - and the best part is, they’re surprisingly easy to put together. Every great prawn salad starts with fresh, high quality (you guessed it), prawns. Head to The Poultry Club and don’t forget to get in early to beat the crowds. Pair with a bed of leafy greens, avocado, cherry tomatoes and mango to finish; and voila! You've got yourself a salad that even the neighbours will be envious of.

Cheers to you

Looking to upgrade your standard drink selection this year? For a kick, add some crushed rosemary to your champagne and garnish with fresh raspberries for an instant festive upgrade. Best served with family and friends. Check out what’s on offer at First Choice Liquor and be sure to make note of their trading hours heading into the busy period, too.

The grand finale

You did it, the guests are satisfied and the prawn salad disappeared right before your very eyes. What better way to wrap up the day than with the humble pavlova? Let's face it, the pav is basically the holy grail of summer desserts. Gone are the days of anxiously staring into the oven and praying your meringue turns out - thankfully it's never been easier to pull together this iconic staple. Head to Coles, and pick up a pre-made meringue. All that’s left to do is to add your filling and to garnish it with copious amounts of fresh, juicy fruit from The Harvest Store.

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Head to Coles for your supermarket supplies, or First Choice Liquor for your sparkling wine, The Harvest Store for your fresh produce, The Poultry Club for your seafood and Paul's Butchery for your quality meats.

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