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Kids in the kitchen: No-bake snacks for small hands


Kids in the kitchen: No-bake snacks for small hands

Snack time comes around pretty quickly when you’re spending days at home. To help inspire you, we’ve rounded up our top four snacks for growing kids.

All of the recipes below require no oven cooking, so are perfect for mini gourmets of all ages to help prepare. These creative kitchen activities might even just become a highlight.

Shopping trip

Extend the fun with a family trip to Coles, Woolworths or Aldi to pick up your snack ingredients for the week. Prep the kids with a list of everything they need, and then sneak in your normal shop while you’re at it.

Wash your hands

One skill we have all perfected of late is hand hygiene. Step one for all recipes is to get your crew to give their hands a good wash. Have your youngest child count or sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice to reach your 20-second quota.

Celery critters

Image via @bentgo on Instagram.

These mix and match critters are so fun that it will be no problem to dose the kids up with a solid serve of fruit and veg.

Ingredients for your Coles shopping bag
• Celery
• Peanut Butter (or any nut butter)
• Cream cheese
• Grapes / cherry tomatoes / blueberries
• Edible eye candy

Cut celery into 6cm lengths, top with the toppings of your choice, stick on your candy eyes with your nut butter or cream cheese. If you don’t find the eyes, half raisins work equally as well.

While the choices are endless here, our favourite combos are peanut butter and grapes, or cherry tomatoes and cream cheese.

Sandwich kebabs

Image via @degustabox_uk on Instagram

These simple protein hits really fill a gap between main meals for growing bodies.

Add the following ingredients to your Woolworths shopping list:
• Ham
• Cheddar cheese
• Bread
• Cherry tomatoes
• Lettuce
• Cucumber

Cut your ham into 4cm slices and fold, cube cheddar cheese, half cherry tomatoes, cut cucumber into rounds, cut bread into 3cm squares. Arrange as you like on your skewer.

Apple donuts

Image via @helloyummy_co on Instagram

Love donuts, but not the subsequent sugar high? Try this fruit-based alternative.

__ Add the following ingredients to your Aldi shopping list__
• Apple
• Cream cheese
• Food colouring
• Sprinkles

Slice the apple into 1cm slices. Use a corer, knife, or something round to core your apple slices with (we used a piping tip). Mix cream cheese and food colouring in a separate bowl. Spread your ‘icing’ and decorate with sprinkles. Voila!

Nutella banana sushi

Image via @fitcoachmini on Instagram.

Don’t let the word sushi put you off this super simple recipe - you can’t go wrong with this one in the popularity stakes.

__ Add the following ingredients to your shopping list:__
• Wholemeal wraps
• 1 tbs Nutella
• 1 Banana

Spread the Nutella on the wrap, place the banana in the centre, roll up and slice into ‘sushi’ rounds.

Make this one your own by replacing the Nutella with peanut butter or jam, and wholemeal wraps with Gluten free or white wraps.

Next time you hear that familiar 'I'm hungry!', we trust these creative snack hacks will save the day.

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