Cheers moments: the best venues to celebrate a special occasion


Cheers moments: the best venues to celebrate a special occasion

Whether it’s your birthday lunch location or planning a friend’s new job celebration drinks, we have the perfect places for you to choose from. Cheers moments can sometimes come few and far between, so make the most of them with some great food to go along with the great company.

If you get the job of organising the next family or friends outing, it’s important to do your research to ensure it goes off without a hitch. But don't fear – we've done it for you and have created this great little guide on some of the top celebration locations that you could choose from.

Make your next cheers moment one to remember!

Family affair

These family-friendly restaurants are the perfect location for your next family get-together, whether it’s a birthday or even just a catch-up.

The Pancake Parlour
Every dish at The Pancake Parlour is made from the finest and freshest ingredients. The perfect place to host a family celebration!

The Groove Train
Picture a restaurant unlike any other in the country. A restaurant serving food that's full of flavour— bold dishes that appeal to any appetite. This is a place where groups of friends come for the food but linger for the drinks and conversation.

San Churro
San Churro is Australia's most lived sweet treat cafe. Just like the traditional Chocolateria's of Spain, they are a destination for friends to come together and share a sweet moment.

Grill'd are all about burgers done good. What better place to take the family for a night out of delicious burgers?

Celebration drinks

New job, uni graduation, new house? Any excuse to go out and enjoy great company and celebrate.

The Sporting Globe
The Sporting Globe is a premium Sports Bar & Grill and the place to watch all the biggest sporting events live with all your friends!

Martini + Co
Revolutionising modern Australian cuisine Martini + Co bring you farm fresh and local produce day and night, the perfect place for celebrations with your special someone.

All about the food

For those celebrations with a bunch of food-lovers, mix it up with these great restaurants.

Kinn Thai
"Kinn" means "Eat" in Thai, and they have kept all the best bits of traditional Thai bits, like eating is with family and friends to relax and share. We have added our twist to this tradition, with contemporary dishes, exciting cocktails and wines to match

Fukutontei Ramen
Fuku in Japanese means happiness, while ton means pork. Tei, meanwhile, means shop.So Fukutontei is a shop where you attain happiness by eating pork. Simple!

Italian Street Kitchen
Italian Street Kitchen pay homage to the recipes of mothers, grandmothers and the generations still to come!

Billy's House
From paddock to plate Billy's Place is the place to be. Friendly staff and the best coffee around Billy's is a must.

Dosa Hut
Discover the beautiful Indian flavours at Dosa Hut.

Angies Dumpling Bar
Angie's Dumplings Bar serves up succulent, happy dumplings bursting with flavour in her luxe Shanghai-themed bar. Choose from pan-fried or steamed options and a full menu of noodle soups and stir-frys.


If you don’t want to go for the big dinner or drinks, here are a few more relaxed and easy-going choices.

Thee Coffee Club
The Coffee Club's mission and philosophy is simple; they want to provide: Good Food, Great Service and Excellent Coffee; a welcoming relaxed meeting place enriching contemporary lifestyles; and, the answer to “Where will I meet you?”

18 Grams
If you're looking for the perfect coffee or the perfect place to sit back and relax while enjoying a meal, 18 Grams is the place for you!

Degani Bakery Cafe
Degani have been the industry leaders in gourmet foods and hard hitting coffee for decades.

Want to gift a special someone the joy of drinks and dinner? A Westfield Gift Card is perfect to wrap up or add to a card so they can do the choosing.

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