Upgrade your denim jacket to be one-of-a-kind


Upgrade your denim jacket to be one-of-a-kind

It’s time to remix this style staple and update your denim jacket for autumn with a few alterations. We all have a jacket sitting at home that has either been over-worn or is collecting dust in your wardrobe. Follow these tips to revamp it and give it new life. Design challenged? Don’t stress, this DIY is soeasy you will have everyone fooled. Grab some spare change, and set aside a free hour and turn your tired old denim jacket into a total original.

Iron on transfers

Iron transfers are the best thing out since denim, and if you haven’t had your hands on any yet get ready to have your life transformed! There are so many options for iron on transfers, from paper that you can print on, cut out and iron straight onto your clothes, to embroided patches and iron on letters. They will make a big statement on your jacket for not a lot of time and money in return.

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Meri Meri Pineapple Iron On Patch from David Jones, Create Handmade Iron or Sew On Motifs (Ice Cream) from BIG W, 8 Pack Iron On Menders from Kmart, Iron on Letter (‘B’) from Lincraft, Subtitled Heartbreaker Iron On Patches from General Pants Co., Create Handmade Iron or Sew On Motifs (Rocket) from BIG W, Light T-shirt Transfer Paper from Kmart, Typo Bieber Iron On Patch.


Add the finishing touch to your jacket with some funky trim around the edges. Go for a subtle look with a simple thin trim around the cuffs of the jacket, or if you are feeling adventurous add a bit of bling with a gold chain trim around the collar. You can use things like fur, lace, ribbon and pipping sercured with either fabric glue or hand stitching.

Pictured: Double Sided Satin Ribbon (Bright Orange) from Lincraft, Cotton Ribbon with Copper Stitches from Lincraft, Bow & Tie Grosgrain Ribbon (Navy) from Lincraft, Twisted Chain Oval Link from Lincraft, Two Green Zebras Ribbon Spool (Light Blue) from BIG W, Luxury White Fur trim from Riot Art & Craft

Fabric paint

Ready for the next difficulty level? Put your creativity to the test with fabric paint. Pick a colour palette and create any design. If you feel like your painting skills aren’t up to scratch, go for a fabric marker as they stain the fabric and last when you wash your jacket and are easier to apply and are more forgiving.

Pictured, left to right: Design Line Paint Your Own T-Shirt from Riot Art & Craft, Jones Tones Jewel 3D Paint from Lincraft, Artline 750 Laundry Marker (White) from BIG W, Reeves Artists Acrylic Paint Set (Metallic) from Lincraft , Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker (Purple) from BIG W.


Have a bit of fun hand stitching designs onto your denim and don’t stress about making mistakes because worst comes to worst just unpick and removed the embroidery thread. All you need is thread and a sewing needle and you are ready to go (maybe after watching a tutorial or two!). This idea is perfect for those not wanting to make too many alterations to their beloved jacket as you can make small, simple designs and patterns.

Pictured, left to right: Two Green Zebras Pastels Embroidery Thread from BIG W, Stranded Cotton Embroidery Floss (Lavender) from Lincraft, Two Green Zebras Cross Stitch Mini from BIG W, Cotton embroidery thread floss from Riot Art & Craft, Stranded Cotton Embroidery Floss (Lemon) from Lincraft.

Finishing touches

Just missing that special touch? Remember just three words; studs, sequins and buttons. All you need is a little sewing kit and you are prepared to make those finishing touches to your denim jacket. Go for a simple look with a few studs here and there, or bedazzle the back of the jacket with a unique design!

Pictured, left to right: Assorted Sized Sequins from Riot Art & Craft, Craftsmart Fabric Glue from BIG W, Cotton On Gift That Counts Avocado Pin, Outliving Rosé Pin from General Pants Co., Wooden Buttons from Kmart, Outliving Taco Pin from General Pants Co., Create Handmade Carded Bee Buttons from Big W, Birch Travel Sewing Kit from Kmart, Typo Duff Beer Pin from Typo.

Tip: These ideas are perfect for other denim clothing aswell so get creative with your over worn and hardly worn clothing!