Your café guide to Westfield Penrith


Your café guide to Westfield Penrith

FACT one of the original uses of a café was to exchange information and communication. A place for discussion. Makes sense right? Whether a friend, family, webpage, book, magazine, newspaper or colleague chances are if find yourself seated at a table with your favourite brew its usually with some form of company.

No matter what your agenda may be or appetite for that matter, there is a café for every catch up and palate at Westfield Penrith. A range of roasters, blends and baristas means you really are spoilt for choice the next time you need to stop and refuel during your visit with many also boasting a restaurant quality menu like the team at Jack Little Café. Here the menu changes seasonally and reflects the latest and greatest in foodie inventions. Their recent Chilli Scrambled Egg Croissant with coriander, lime and siracha mayo was a real winter warmer, we can’t wait to see what the summer months bring to the table.

For those times when you have a sneaking suspicion that a quick coffee catch up could well turn into lunch, head for Rogue Valley Roasters where you’ll find a great selection of light meals from melts and salads to accompany your favourite brew. If you fancy a wine with that lunch, Mr Brightside has a small selection of red and white blends you can enjoy with your pasta or fish dish.

Breakfast really has become a social outing be it with family or friends and breakfast fare is so good its on demand all day long by some of us. The Coffee Club, Café LeLunar and The Heritage Café all offer all day breakfast alongside light meals.

For those of us on the run, grab and go from Gloria Jeans, Muffin Break, The Coffee Emporium, Michel’s Patisserie and Starbucks all well known coffee houses where you’ll also find a range of ready made sweet and savoury meals to keep you going on your way.

Nadia’s Café located alongside the Fountain has been serving up breakfast classics for many years and has their frequent diners who can be spotted at the same time and in the same seat every week.

So next time you’re after a quick bite and caffeine fix at Westfield Penrith, stop in at any of the friendly spots where you can enjoy a sweet or savoury, hot or cold, dine in or takeaway meal and brew of your choice.

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