Couch to cafe: comfy at-home clothes you can wear outside


Couch to cafe: comfy at-home clothes you can wear outside

There’s nothing harder than trying to get out of the house during winter. When it’s cold and wet outside, the last thing you want to do is get up and change out of your comfy loungewear. And how many times have you cancelled on that catch-up with your friend? It seems you can only put it off for so long. We have a great solution, so you won’t have to ditch your comfy home style when heading out to the next coffee catch-up.

Keep your track pants on

Cute track pants are a thing now. All the latest styles are cropped, elasticated at the ankle or having a flash back to button-down styles that you can instantly dress up with the right footwear. Athleisure tights are also more than acceptable to wear with casual, non-gym attire.

Image via @alycealyce on Instagram

Our top picks for track pants:

Sweater or knit

Keep your cosy vibes intact as you head out the door. Keep your cute sweater from the couch on, or if you’re in the mood to do a quick switch-up, a cashmere knit will do the trick too.

Our top picks for sweaters and knits:

Add sneakers

Keep things comfortable by adding next-level sneakers to your café style. Crisp white sneakers are a classic go-to or fancy high-tops work just as well for something extra.

Image via @hoskelsa on Instagram

Our top picks for sneakers:

All you need is a cute side piece

And by side piece, we mean an adorable teeny-tiny side bag! You’re heading out for a quick coffee, so all you need is some cash, lip balm and maybe sunnies if you’re sitting outside. There’s nothing better than quickly swinging a side bag on you as you head out of the door.

Our top picks for a cute side piece:

Top it off with your coat

The perfect coat is all you need to make your outfit look fabulous! Let me tell you, whatever you have going on under the coat – e.g. dinosaur-print onesie PJs for all we know – it wouldn’t matter, because your killer coat would instantly making your outfit street style-worthy.

Image via @tashsefton on Instagram

Our top picks for coats:

Voila! That's how to get away with not changing (too much) out of your loungewear. Comfy vibes all winter long, we say.

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