Make a statement: bold jewellery


Make a statement: bold jewellery

If there is any season to get playful with your outfits, it’s spring, so add a little drama to your outfit with statement jewellery. Morning, day or night, it's always a perfect time to add bold accessories to your look. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are all available in over-the-top and bold styles, so it's time to get shopping!


Earrings are the easiest statement piece you can add to your outfit and almost every jewellery and accessory store will have plenty of options. If you want your earrings to have the full effect, make sure to have your hair pulled back.


Add a bit of personality to your outfit with the most detailed and bold necklace you can find. This magic piece of jewellery will answer all of your questions... Outfit a bit boring? Add a statement necklace. Outfit not quite complete? Add a statement necklace. Outfit needs a little sparkle? Add a statement necklace.


This timeless jewellery piece is a must-have for any jewellery box. From stacked rings to a chunky gem style, there are so many ways to approach this trend.

Jamaica Blue: the proof is in the pineapple
Target: Introducing Definition


Target: Introducing Definition

What’s your definition of beauty? An exciting new range of cosmetics that empowers you to define your individual beauty style.

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