Penrith Panthers Fashion Show


Penrith Panthers Fashion Show

Football, fashion and family merged worlds for the Penrith Panthers Fashion Show at Westfield Penrith.

Local shoppers in the centre on Thursday 19th April were pleasantly surprised by the four first grade NRL players strutting their way down the cat walk in the middle of centre court. In a clear sign that the modern day rugby league player is very different to the ones we cheered on in past James Tamou, Dean Whare, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak and Sione Katoa traded in their stylish football gear for the latest in autumn fashion available at Westfield Penrith.

Wearing the latest trends from retailers including Country Road, Peter Jackson and Myer, the boys didn’t look one bit out of their comfort zone as they paraded their stylish new wear in front of a full crowd of engaged onlookers.

Making the fun event even more unique was the fact that three players had their young families modelling on stage with them. Panthers star James Tamou had his pregnant wife Brittney and kids Brooklyn, Barclay and Bronx along for the ride, while centre Dean Whare had his partner Tash and children Mila and Zahliah part of the action too.

Panthers player Sione Katoa brought along his partner Jade and son Chase, while Dallin Watene-Zelezniak was the lone man flying solo with his wife Purdy looking after their baby son Orlando back at home.

Brand Experience Manager, Belinda Wilton, said having the Penrith Panthers players and their families involved created a unique and memorable experience for the crowd watching on.

“Our Penrith Panthers Fashion Show was inspired by our customers two greatest loves, football and fashion. The collaboration of our Brand Experience team has allowed us to truly transform this event into the first of its kind for Westfield Penrith. Partnering with the Penrith Panthers to bring these worlds together was a really fun way to showcase our new autumn trends, whilst at the same time giving our customers at Westfield Penrith a unique and memorable experience in-centre”