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Glue Store: Future choice

At Glue Store we have come up with some quick and easy references to help our customers find the latest styles that are made with our collective future in mind. This program highlights products according to five sustainability categories, helping to make more informed choices when it comes to purchasing:

1. Thoughtful Threads – Natural Fibres: Sustainable or considered natural fibres such as organic cotton, linen and hemp

2. Recycled Materials – plastics, cotton etc

3. Not BAA-D – Animal Friendly, cruelty free and vegan - using vegan leather and rPET (recycled PET)

4. Australian Owned - supporting local brands and talent such as P.E Nation, Thrills, Nude Lucy, Article One and Lulu & Rose

5. Our Customer Experience - improving the shopping bags and eCommerce packaging

Amongst the above five pillars, from this month at Glue Store, we will be phasing out our 30% recycled shopping bags from our store network and are set to replace them with reusable tote bags. Our goal is to leave a lighter impact on the planet and people; and inspire change towards other brands and consumers in Australia.

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