Meet your Westfield Local Hero Finalists


Meet your Westfield Local Hero Finalists

In the first year of the Westfield Local Heroes program, we have received an overwhelming response and many heart-warming stories after asking the North Lakes community to nominate individuals who they believe promote social wellbeing and harmony in their communities.

We congratulate every one of our nominees and recognise the important contribution they make to the local community.

The community has now cast its vote, the outcome of which will determine the three successful 2018 Westfield Local Heroes for Westfield North Lakes. Each of their affiliated organisations will be awarded a $10,000 grant to support their work, program or activities.

The successful Westfield Local Heroes will be announced on 13 August.

Your six finalists for Westfield North Lakes are:

Stephanie Blunt: Y-Care

Inspired. Creative. Teacher.
Stephanie has dedicated her career to assisting and developing young people, many of whom who have been highly disadvantaged, at risk and victims of trauma. Her mission is to empower and inspire today's young people to achieve their full potential. Stephanie works directly with young people and their families to provide support and practical assistance in development, parenting and engagement. If successful, the grant will allow Stephanie to create a pilot program encompassing Thursday night youth outreach and crime prevention which leverages off the successful 3on3 basketball nights at The Space.

Paula Burgess: Beyond the Maze

Determined. Dedicated. Altruistic.
Paula set up Beyond the Maze' and has dedicated her time to raising awareness of the plight of those with ADHD, and coaching adults, teens, and children to cope with the often debilitating disorder. Paula organises the coaching programs, runs the popular Facebook group, hires and manages the staff, organises ADHD conferences, and coaches programs herself. If successful, the grant will allow Paula to reach even more children, teens and adults with ADHD.

Julie Fenton: Centre Against Domestic Abuse Inc.

Unique. Effective. Holistic.
The PRADO (Partnership Response at Domestic Occurrences) is an integrated response for high risk Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) cases in the Pine Rivers Area including North Lakes. The purpose of PRADO is to provide vulnerable families with individual support to enhance their wellbeing and safety. Julie delivers high quality case management responses to maximise the safety of families. She achieves outcomes through early intervention and multiple points of contact, teaching safety skills, developing safety plans, providing information and crisis accommodation options during critical timeframes. If successful, the grant would support victims escaping DFV situations by funding vouchers for essential food items, assisting with necessary clothing/hygiene items and taxi vouchers to facilitate safe travel to appointments/refuge/court.

Karen Johns: DARE Formal Wear

Passionate. Dedicated. Selfless.
Karen raises awareness and educates communities about domestic violence through education and recovery programs. She maintains a busy schedule presenting awareness sessions about domestic violence to high school students, women's events and church groups providing them with information and resources on how to identify abuse early, the cycle of domestic violence, the nature of domestic family violence and where they can get help. If successful, the grant would help Karen to complete the fit out of her new location with a toilet, shower, washing machine, kitchen facilities, air-conditioning so that women and their families have a comfortable and safe environment where they can receive the support required to be regain confidence to start to a new life.

Jane McMillan: Leukaemia Support Queensland

Passionate. Dedicated. Hardworking.
Jane works to raise much needed funds for the patients and their families who live with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancers. Jane supports the patients on a daily basis (all voluntary), she sits with them when they have treatment, holds the hands of parents as they lose a child and provides emotional assistance. If successful, the grant would assist many patients and their families with the support they desperately need as well as assisting with the study and research of the haematology nurses to enable them to assist with patients.

Luke Skipper: The Christian Crisis Caravan Initiative

Belonging. Acceptance. Value.
The Crisis Caravan Initiative aims to provide short term accommodation to help homeless, those on the verge of becoming homeless and those experience crises to make a successful move into more permanent accommodation. Luke works with people and families who find themselves through in need of accommodation with an opportunity to have a shelter and a safe place to go to in times of crisis.
If successful, the grant will go towards the purchase of caravans, the payment of campsite fees as well as maintenance and running costs.

Recognising all our 2018 nominees

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