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Meet your Local: Willows Quality Meats

Willows Quality Meats, Level 1

Discover the heart of the Westfield North Lakes with our Meet the Local series. We will take you on a journey to meet the people in our stores and learn more about what they offer the North Lakes community.

This month we sat down with Nick, the Manager from Willows Quality Meats to learn more about the family owned and operated butcher who specialise in quality Australian meat with seasonal offerings.

Q: Tell us about Willows Quality Meats and what makes it special?
A: Willows Quality Meats is a family-owned butcher shop that strives to serve the freshest and finest meat available to the North Lakes community.

Q: How long has your store been open at Westfield North Lakes?
A: Willows has been open at Westfield North Lakes since 2012.

Q: How did Willows Quality Meats get started?
A: The shop started when the Williams family moved to Queensland from Tasmania and decided that there weren’t enough quality butcher shops around.

Q: Who makes up your store team?
A: The team consists of Craig, Jeannie and Nick (owners) and we have a butcher and employ casual counter hands to help keep the serving flowing.

Q: What make Willows Quality Meats unique?
A: Willows is unique in its own way. Our range includes old fashioned cuts of meats, ready-to-cook meals and new era of smoking rubs and sauces. We recommend trying the Fancy Hanks sauces, from popular Melbourne restaurant of the same name, for your next barbeque or if you are looking for herbs, spices and marinades give the Lane's BBQ range a go.

Q: Where do you source your produce from?
A: Most of our meat is sourced from Tasmania and Victoria, but we do get some items from right here in Queensland.

Q: Do you stock any products that are unqiue to your store?
A: Unique items to our store are the ones we make in-store and are ready-to-cook, the likes of parcels, mignons and our range of flavoured sausages (especially our curry chicken and cheese). If you're looking for a great mid-week meal, try our pesto and gouda chicken breasts and serve it with roast vegetables. Plus, we have a great range of cheeses, olives and small goods that are perfect if you're creating a charcuterie board for your next get-together.

Q: What's new this season?
A: The latest item this Winter is the Beefy’s pie range, which are perfect on a cool night with mushy peas.

Q: What are your most popular 'fly off the shelf' products?
A: Topping the charts are our sausages then grass fed eye fillet steak. The smash burgers are a big hit on weekends for barbeques as well as our range of BBQ rubs and sauces for smokers.

Q: Do you offer any additional services?
A: We are often giving out cooking tips to all customers and giving advice on what cut of meat goes best with what they are cooking. We also offer meat packs that are great for family barbeques, get-togethers or the weekly grocery shop.

Q: What is the best thing to buy from Willows in Winter?
A: Treat yourself to the delicious smell of a slow cook meal with some chuck steak or Osso Bucco.

Q: Any other interesting facts about Willows Quality Meats?
A: The most interesting fact about Willows Quality Meats is that between father and son there is a combined total of 64 years of butcher expertise.

Pop in and see the friendly team at Willows Quality Meats for all your fresh produce needs, located in our Fresh Food precinct near Coles.

Willows Quality Meats

Located in the Fresh Food Marketplace near Coles

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