Lorna Jane: You are a fearless female


Lorna Jane: You are a fearless female

This year, Lorna Jane's priority is putting the spotlight on you, their community of fearless females.

Everyday women who are stepping up each day to face their fears, defy expectations and chase what they want in life.

Whether it's faith and turning a hobby into a career, being a solitary voice in a croud of followers, or juggling all of life's everyday challenges they are owning it.

You are a Fearless Female

Lorna Jane are commencing their year of celebrating Fearless Females with a call to action to all of you to share your stories with them, so together we can support each other in our pursuit of living fearlessly and choosing a life we love - no matter what challenges stand in our way.

Lorna Jane want to hear your story and by sharing you could win a $1000 Lorna Jane wardrobe and be featured in their March social campaign.

Ready to get inspired? To enter, simply:

  1. Post a selfie & share your #fearlesslyfemale story
  2. Share & tag us in your post
  3. Make sure you are following @lornajaneactive & @ljclarkson
  4. Encourage the Fearless Female in your life to share their stories too

Lorna Jane know that being fearless takes strength and looks different for everyone.
They want to show you that you're not alone, you're amazing and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. We are a community and we stand together, supporting eachother through the challenges and celebrating the triumphs - large or small.

Stay tuned to @lornajaneactive to hear some of the inspiring fearless stories that have been shared and to be a part of the movement to celebrate strong women who are taking control of their own lives by living fearlessly.