DIY series: 5 steps to create the perfect relaxing bath


DIY series: 5 steps to create the perfect relaxing bath

Whether it’s pouring outside or you’re exhausted after a big day, drawing a warm bath and taking a quiet moment for yourself is always a marvellous idea. There’s nothing more inviting than a scented candle, Norah Jones’ soothing voice, a pampering face mask and a fluffy bath robe. Here are six steps ‘rub-a-dub-dubbed’ necessary to emerge completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

1. All about the ambience

First and foremost, set the mood. Now is the time to disconnect from the world and say farewell to those stark bright bathroom lights to focus solely on you. Light a few scented candles and scatter them around the room. The smell of a fresh lavender-infused candle will create a tranquil environment in no time. You’ll be sure to find candles that soothe your senses at Joyce Homewares. Aromatic scented oils will also take the tension away, leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed. Lastly, turn on some music and unwind to Bon Iver’s tunes with speakers from JB Hi-Fi.

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2. Time to soak

By adding bath salts, bath bombs or luxurious bubbles to your tub, you’ll benefit from the time-tested practice of quite literally soaking your worries away. If you’re suffering from sore, aching muscles from your workouts, Epsom bath salts from Priceline are for you. Or if a foamy bubble bath, complete with the swirling colours and invigorating scents of a dissolving bath bomb is what you’re up for, be sure to visit Target. Some bath bombs also contain skin-loving ingredients that will have you glowing from head to toe, so you’ll be reaping the benefits for both body and mind.

3. Scrub away your worries

While taking a bath is good for your wellbeing, relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep better, it also provides you with the perfect opportunity to exfoliate away those pesky dead skin cells, leaving you with soft and supple skin! Using a body scrub, exfoliating mitt or brush, gently scrub your entire body for the silky-soft limbs of your dreams. Pick up all your exfoliating essentials from Priceline.

4. Get cosy

Before sinking into the water, be sure to grab a bath pillow for your back from Kmart. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of the tub’s hard edges against your skin. Don’t forget a fresh towel from Manchester & More for when you resurface. Is there a better feeling than ‘burrito-ing’ yourself in a cosy towel when you emerge from the bath? Also, nothing says ‘at-home spa’ like your very own fleecy bathrobe. Grab yours from Kmart.

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5. Pro tips

If you’re lucky enough to retreat for longer than 20 minutes, be sure to BYO snacks to your newly found happy place. Treat yourself to something sweet from Continental Food Mart and pick up your favourite brew from Woolworths to ensure you remain hydrated. If bubbles in your bath aren’t quite decadent enough, visit the newly revamped BWS for a bottle of your favourite champagne and pick up beautiful glassware from Crystal Gifts & Homewares. Why not celebrate yourself every now and then? Cheers to you!

Oh, and don’t forget a novel (although this dreamy out-of-world experience might already have you feeling like you’re a character in one). Not sure of a title that coincides with a relaxing read? The experts at QBD Books will help you find the perfect bathtime book.

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