How to shop like a stylist with Renee Enright


How to shop like a stylist with Renee Enright

Ever wished you could be dressed by a fashion stylist, or wondered what it would be like to go shopping with one? Many Westfield centres have a team of fashion stylists waiting to take you shopping, but because it's not always possible to visit one, we're bringing the stylist to you!

Renee Enright is a personal and editorial stylist, radio presenter, host and mum of two, based in Geelong. She's also a regular on the street style circuit because she knows a thing or two about putting together a great outfit! As her role as Westfield Geelong's resident stylist, Renee helps everyday women look and feel a million bucks.

It seemed only fair that we asked her a few of our burning questions about fashion, style and where on earth she buys all of her fabulous clothes from.

Westfield: Tell us about your role as a Westfield stylist. You must meet so many people from all walks of life!

Renee Enright: Working for a company and brand such as Westfield has been a dream come true! Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing men and women... Some woman have had children and feel they've lost their way; some need a helping hand building a functional wardrobe. I love working with each client to find their personal style so they can be the best version of themselves. That's what a styling session is all about!

W: What are the most common issues you hear from women during a session?

RE: Hands down, the number one issue women have is confidence. We are our own worst critics and are so hard on ourselves. I always say, in my role, I play half a counsellor and half a stylist! In a session, we'll celebrate the things the client does like, instead of focussing on the things she doesn't like. Learning how to distract from – and not diguise! – our body insecurities is key.

W: Okay, help! We want to overhaul our wardrobe.

RE: It's important to go through your wardrobe first. What do you have, what do you no longer wear, and what do you need to create functional working wardrobe? Be honest with yourself and ask the tough questions. My rule of thumb is if you haven't worn that item in over 12 months, then you're probably not going to ever again.

W: What is the best way to figure out what we need to buy?

RE: Start with the fundamentals: do you have a pair of great-fitting jeans? Do you have a classic stripe tee and crisp white shirt? Do you have a go-to jacket? Can your pieces be worn together? This will determine if you have a functional wardrobe that allows you to create many outfits, with minimal clothes. My best tip is to make a Pinterest board of some outfits you would love to replicate and write down the key pieces from these looks that are missing from your wardrobe. If all else fails, you can hire a professional like me!

W: Once we’ve reached the shops, what are your top tips for shopping like a stylist?

RE: Having a list of the things you need will help you stick to a plan and not be swayed by impulse purchases. Impulse shopping is the number one reason we end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear! I also say that if you find something you absolutely LOVE, buy it in another colour... or buy two! This is smart shopping –knowing when something works for you.

W: What pieces should all women have in their wardrobe?

RE: For me, it's a great pair of jeans, a structured blazer, a few good quality basics and a pair of ankle boots. Start here, and you'll be well on your way to building that functional wardrobe!

W: What’s better: sale or investment pieces?

RE: BOTH! The key is to spend that little bit more on quality key pieces that don't date, and less on trend items and bargain 'wardrobe fillers'. It's all about balance. Knowing how to mix the bargain sale pieces with the quality investments to me is real style, and the way I like to dress when it comes to my own wardrobe too.

W: What are some of your favourite stores to shop at?

RE: I shop everywhere! Some of my favourites are Country Road, Just Jeans, Topshop, Seed Heritage, Zara and sass & bide. I also love Victoria + Woods at David Jones and P.E. Nation at General Pants Co.

W: What are some of your favourite current and upcoming trends?

RE: I am loving that pink is having such a major moment... obsessed! I also love head-to-toe floral looks from the runways. I know – florals for spring, groundbreaking! – but the florals, textures and colours we'll be seeing are intensified and a fresh take on the classic spring trend.

W: What’s the big secret to achieving fab personal style?

RE: Personal style is so unique. It's self-expression. Fabulous personal style is more about confidence. Clothes can have SUCH a huge impact on the way we feel; when we love what we wear, it shows. And that to me is how you achieve fab personal style. Find what flatters you and work with that. Wear things that make you feel good and people will notice.
W: What are your top tips for working out your body shape and finding the most suitable pieces?

RE: I always tell people not to be defined by what they think their "shape" is. I focus on finding pieces that are flattering, highlight their best assets and make them feel confident.

For more of Renee's everyday looks and style tips, follow her on Instagram @reneeenright. To book a session with a Westfield stylist, visit and click on your local centre's website.

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