Which Cadbury Easter Egg are you?


Which Cadbury Easter Egg are you?

By Cadbury.

Easter is just a hop away and as Australians begin the annual Easter rituals of egg eating, sharing, gifting and hunting, the Egg-sperts at Cadbury have identified which Easter Egg is best suited to your personality.

So, which Easter Egg are you?

The always reliable

Do you thrive off routine and love consistency? Do your friends turn to you when they need advice or someone to lean on? Then a Cadbury Dairy Milk gift box is for you! Boasting the classic creamy taste that everyone knows and loves, it will go down a treat no matter what the occasion.

The lovey-dovey

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you love a classic rom-com and think there’s nothing sweeter than a bouquet of long-stem roses? Then turn your love for roses to the chocolate-kind with a Cadbury Roses gift box! Cadbury Roses features a delicious four varieties in each box – perfect for sharing with your partner this Easter.

The wild child

Do you live life on the edge and don’t mind a little danger? If you’re an adrenaline-junkie that loves to get their heart racing, then a Cadbury Turkish Delight gift box is your chocolate match. With delicious Turkish Delight jelly centre inside each mini egg, it’s sure to leave your taste-buds tingling!

The life of the party

Do you embody the infamous line ‘the party doesn’t start ‘til I walk in’? Is your idea of a good time a karaoke night and dancing the night away? If this sounds like you, your chocolate twin is the Cadbury Favourites gift box. Cadbury Favourites brings together everyone’s favourite chocolate personalities in one egg – perfect to share at the next Easter party!

The sweetie

Are you sweet to the core and put everyone else’s needs before your own? Then reward your sweet soul with a sweet treat - the Cadbury Caramello gift box! Featuring mini eggs with a delectable smooth flowing caramel centre wrapped in Cadbury Dairy Milk, every Easter egg will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The young at heart

If being playful, spontaneous and humorous are your three best qualities then it’s safe to say you’ll need an Easter egg with just as much excitement! Every Cadbury Oreo gift box egg boasts traditional Cadbury Dairy Milk but ups the ante with a smooth vanilla flavoured creme centre filled with Oreo cookie pieces! Everyone’s sneaky pre-bedtime snack will be a favourite Easter treat in 2019.

This Easter, the new Adult Gift Boxes are sure to capture the eye of adults Australia-wide! Boasting a contemporary and premium box with beautiful hand-foiled Easter Eggs inside, they are the perfect gift for your special someone this Easter.

The Cadbury Caramello gift box and Cadbury Oreo gift box are from Cadbury’s legendary gifting range and each have had a fun revamp for 2019 with new designs to hero the personalities of their beloved brands. Upping the ante this year, each egg is wrapped in gold foil and has a gift tag on the box, so you can write a note to the lucky recipient!

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