Hype DC - Premium Shoes at Westfield Mt Druitt


Hype DC - Premium Shoes at Westfield Mt Druitt

With a wide range of Premium products including Nike, Adidas, Lacoste and Veja, they can supply any sneaker-head’s dream shoes.

Veja Shoes are a special addition with a special message: 'Environmentally friendly sneakers, made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.' Some of the few Vegan Sneakers available on the market that are accessible to customers through Hype DC.

With Flash Sales happening all the time including this weekend’s (25th-26th January) 50% off sale. If for some reason you can’t come in to the store have a look online. They have secret sales as well.

The staff are friendly and are willing to help you track down all kinds of shoes. They also offer shoe accessories like their Hype Duffel Bags and exclusively sell Stance Socks. Drop by into the brand new, amazing store and have a look.

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