It's back to school time - here are Lunchbox tips


It's back to school time - here are Lunchbox tips

Back-to-School craziness is almost over!! However, the last little bit is to come…lunches!! Day in day out for the next 4 Terms which is why our go-to-guide for everything to do with lunches might come in handy.

1. The Lunch Box

First things first…the lunch box. The epitome of cool in the playground there are so many choices to choose from. Here is a selection of styles, colours and prices from a variety of stores.

Your one-stop shop for everything Back to School is at Westfield Mt Druitt. Here's our go-to list:

Lunch bags and totes:

2. Water Bottle Time

Depending on the age of your child and their needs this might vary from a simple plastic bottle with a sip to lid to a hydro-flask to keep food and drink warm. Here is a selection of bottles to consider

Kmart and Target or
Woolworths have a cute range of items that kids will love and are to clean.

3. Packaging Options

Depending on the food depends on how it’s stored. There are a variety of options especially eco-friendly options. Woolworths, Coles or Target.

4. Pack a creative lunch

Pack your kids' favourite healthy foods, plus a special treat for them to look forward to later. For younger kids, leave a picture in their lunch box or draw a smiley face on their banana or mandarin to remind them you're thinking of them. They'll love the gesture and be excited to show their new friends too!

Fresh fruit and vegetables are recommended by Health Organisations and the NSW Department of Education. Here are the best places at Westfield Mt Druitt for fresh food and vegetables.
1. Continental Foodmart
2. Pabico Asian Grocer
3. Mt Druitt Fruit Market

5. Plan some Fresh Recipes for the kids to enjoy

while you have the chance why not looking at different recipes from Woolworths and Coles that suggest healthy, delicious recipes even for the pickiest of eaters. Woolworths Recipes and Recipes have some great recipe ideas.

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