The guide to the perfect fade


The guide to the perfect fade

The many shades of fade, the guide to the perfect fade haircut.

The fade is a men’s haircut that is keeping chairs in local barber stores filled, adding to the already high demand of a new breed of barbers.

You might not have heard of the term fade but there is no doubt you have seen men leaving their favourite barber store with a fresh fade. For those playing at home, a fade is when the hair at the sides and back are closely shaven with clippers, allowing them to fade or tapper off.

The origins of the fade haircut date back to as early as the 30s, with a heavy resurgence around the Golden Era of hip-hop in the 80s, the cut has now morphed in to a versatile look. Put simply, the fade haircut is a staple style for the modern man.

Jaimy Mikhael, owner of Styles by Jaimy and Gentlemen’s Barber Club at Westfield Mt Druitt and men’s grooming expert, is passionate about the craft of Barbering and with over a decade’s worth of experience. Jaimy knows a thing of two about men’s hair and can vouch for the rise of the fade, ‘the fade is back in a big way’.

‘Of all the clients who walk through our doors, more than 1000 per week, I would say that fades represent 85% of the cuts my barbers and I do for our clients,’ said Jaimy.

One key ingredients that Jaimy points to with regards to this style is the relationship between a barber and customer, ‘it is very important that the barber understands the needs of his clients particularly when it comes to the perfect fade. It is a style that looks effortless however requires a lot of skill’.

For Jaimy, the cut is very personal ‘no two fades are the same, I like to create the perfect fade to suit the lifestyles of my clients’. It can be tricky, and the key is to get a nice, even taper all the way up the head. Quite often, it takes a combination of trimmer and blade sizes to achieve a great fade, so it requires patience from both you and the barber.

There are many types of fades, a fade to suit all lifestyles, here’s a breakdown of the four most common.

• 'Skin fades' are the cuts that begin almost right down to the skin at the back of the neck and slowly (or quickly) taper to longer hair as it works up your head.
• A 'high skin fade' may almost reach the crown of your head before it gets longer, which leaves a lot of exposed skin.
• A 'medium skin fade' will begin to get longer right around the middle of your head.
• A 'low skin fade' reveals very little skin -- just a little on the upper neck -- and leaves short hairs that get longer as it runs up to the crown of your head.

‘Looking good equips a man with confident and I pride myself on ensuring my clients style and maintenance fits with their lifestyle so they can always feel good about themselves.

If you or the men in your life are looking to try something new or are in need a fresh fade, Westfield Mt Druitt has you covered. A full list of barbers is below, so don’t delay get your fade today.

Styles by Jaimy
Issa’s Barber Shop
Gentlemen’s Barber Club

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