The ultimate mini-break packing guide


The ultimate mini-break packing guide

Packing is not an easy task. There's so much to think about and plenty you can’t forget! Mini vacations seem to cause the most problems when it comes to packing, because you don’t have the luxury of filling a 30kg bag with items you might need.

Here’s where you have to get tight on what you really need to take with you. Let’s face it – we’ve all been in the position where we haven’t used half of the things we’ve packed.

So, before you take off, whether you’re staying interstate or making a short trip through New Zealand, be sure to have your mini-break essentials sorted.

A lightweight carry-on or duffle bag is all you need

You’re probably only going away for a few days and you don’t want to carry unnecessary baggage, so go for a lightweight bag that will fit just what you need. Hot tip: keep your bag open even after you have finished packing – there’s always something you need to add in last minute.

Pack a light jacket

Short breaks usually mean you’re staying close by, so the weather won’t be too different to what you’ve been experiencing at home. If you're travelling in the colder months, make sure you pack a light trench or wrap coat in a colour that will go with all of your outfits. Coats are perfect at elevating your outfit and are most needed at the night.

You only need two pairs of shoes

That means one you can wear out for a drink and a casual pair that will see you through the day.

Don’t go overboard with your beauty bag

Start packing your beauty bag a few days in advance so you’ll have to take out any items when you want to use them. This helps you realise what items you don't really use, which usually means you won’t need them on your trip either. Keep your makeup simple and make sure you remember essentials like moisturiser and a toothbrush!

Get your tech in order

There’s nothing worse than forgetting your phone charger or your camera to snap those special moments. Pack your tech bag as early as you can and have it sitting open on your travel bag, so you'll remember to add your phone charger and headphones before you close it up.

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