Coffee snob: a guide to cold drip


Coffee snob: a guide to cold drip

If you consider yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, it's likely you know your filter coffee from your single origin beans. You're probably adventurous in trying new things from the drinks menu, and love the taste of coffee - not just the kick. Alternatively, when it comes to your daily coffee, you might be more about the tried and true methods. Your go-to drink is a creamy flat white or cappucino, and you can't wrap your head around the whole almond or coconut milk thing.

Regardless of your expertise, everyone needs to know about cold drip before the weather really heats up. As well as cooling you down on a hot and humid, Australian summer day, it also tastes incredible.

Cold drip

What exactly is cold drip coffee?
The art of cold drip is a very special one. Rather than roasting beans in a machine, this process involves dripping cold water through ground coffee over a period of about 3-10 hours. Don't worry, you don't need to wait that long for your caffeine hit - cafes and restaurants will prepare a batch of cold drip ahead of time, so it's ready to go. You can also make a batch of it yourself, and store it in the fridge for a more summer-appropriate coffee (and a nice surprise when you open the door upon waking up).

Are there any special benefits?
Yes! Plenty, actually.

  • It's a more natural way to get your coffee fix, with no intervention of machinery.
  • It's black and rich in flavour, but it's far less bitter than a standard espresso. In fact, it's kind of sweet.
  • You'll get a better flavour pay-off, as specific notes of the coffee bean are accentuated.
  • There's more of a slow burn of energy, rather than a sharp hit, meaning you won't crash afterwards.
  • It's healthier! This brew is easier on the digestive system, and you don't need to add any extras like milk or sugar.

How do I serve it?
Cold drip is super refreshing and has an amazing flavour, so you won't need to sweeten it or add any milk at all. In fact, all you need is a glass with plenty of ice cubes. Pour over and you're done!

Find your cold drip coffee fix from Café LeLunar and Gloria Jeans.

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