Spring into new skincare with Evolution Laser Clinic


Spring into new skincare with Evolution Laser Clinic

Evolution Laser Clinic, Level 1

New season, new skincare regime. Spring is finally on the horizon, with winter leaving the building (almost), taking with it the dry, itchy skin it is known to bring. With the rise in temperature and humidity in the warmer months, our face can become oily, and often unmanageable.

Therefore, it's time to update your skincare routine, so you can start the spring season with a glowing and rejuvenated complexion. Here are a few simple changes you can make to your daily routine, thanks to EvolveMD available at Evolution Laser Clinic.

Start scrubbing

Dead skin cells, excess product and environmental toxins can develop into serious build up over the cooler months. Invest in a quality cleanser, and exfoliater to get rid of the winter skin and to unblock those pores.

The EvolveMD Daily Cleansing Gel removes makeup, impurities and deadskin leaving it hydrated and refreshed.

The EvolveMD Enzyme AHA Peel will gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells whilst accelerating cellular renewal.

Lighten the load

During winter our skin is generally dry, so we load up to hydrate. As the warmer months roll around, as a general rule, you don't require as much hydration. Swap your lotions out for lighter options that will have your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

The EvolveMD Advanced Hydrating Serum will boost hydration levels and assist with skin elasticity.

Protect yourself

Now that sunny days are on the horizon, it's vital to swap your winter moisturiser out for one with built-in SPF. It will defend against the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles.

The EvolveMD UV Sun Protection creates a physical barrier to UV rays.

Set and forget

This is for those regular makeup wearers, who can't go a day (or night) without setting spray. A powerful hydrating mist will dramatically boost the skin's hydration levels, whilst keeping your face picture-perfect.

The EvolveMD Hydrating Mist can be used to soothe skin, or act as a hydrating setting spray over mineral makeup.

All EvolveMD products are 100% Austrailan made and feature natural ingredients that target the skin to give you life changing results.

Contact Evolution Laser Clinic in Mount Druitt, or visit them on Level 1, near Novo Shoes to book your free consultation today. They are also the exclusive stockist of all EvolveMD products featured.

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