5 reasons you can't find anything to wear and how to fix it


5 reasons you can't find anything to wear and how to fix it

Picture it: it's Friday afternoon, you've got a fun night out with the girls planned and you've got exactly 30 minutes to get ready. Including makeup. But as you stand in front of your bursting closet, you can't imagine even one outfit you've ever worn before, or one item you feel like wearing. You officially have nothing to wear. As the time ticks away, your stress level rises, and in the last five minutes you throw on the same black skinny jeans and leather jacket as you head out the door.

So if your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, why can't you pull together a cute outfit? Well, it most likely doesn't mean that you have no clothes at all, but in fact, you have too many clothes. Or you don't have the right shoes in your collection. Or that your timing is totally off.

Here are a few common reasons why you're finding it hard to get dressed every day and how you can fix it in a snap using the pretty new pieces at Witchery.

You're giving yourself too much time

Contrary to popular belief, leaving yourself only a short amount of time is actually beneficial for your outfit. Have you ever noticed that when you sleep in and throw on the first thing that comes to mind, you get more compliments? Giving ourselves too much time to get dressed allows us to think about it for far too long, and even more time to change our mind before we leave. Try restricting yourself just a bit and having a go-to outfit that you always feel great in.

Pictured: Mira Coat, Resort Cold Shoulder Dress, Love Necklace, Faith Booties, all from Witchery.

You have waaaay too many clothes!

Similar to time, if we have too many clothes, it can be simply overwhelming. We can't see most of our things, and when we do finally pick something, we can't figure out what to pair it with. Spend an afternoon clearing out your wardrobe and streamlining your collection into versatile, interchangeable pieces that restrict you in the best possible way. Are you having the most difficulty getting ready for work? We talk about creating a work capsule wardrobe here!

Pictured: Downtown Ruffle Shirt, Frankie Jean, Slouchy V Neck Knit, all from Witchery.

You Don't Have the Right Shoes

When you look at your shoe collection, is it a sea of black? When we buy a new pair of shoes, it's only natural to gravitate towards black because, obviously, it's the most versatile colour. That said, it's important to have a variety of shoes so there is a pair that will match every piece in your closet... Chunky black boots just don't work with a little white lacy dress! Build your collection with an array of prints, pops of colour, styles and shapes.

Pictured, top to bottom: Aisha Heel, Hayden Hiker, Lyndal Slide, Polly Boot, Cara Ballet Flat, Dominique Heel, all from Witchery.

You've got zero organisation in place

Everyone has 'the chair' in their room. You know, the one where all the things that need to be hung, clothes from last night and fresh washing live? But if you've got no organisation across your wardrobe, shoes and accessories, it's going to be near impossible to put together an outfit on the spot. Start coordinating your closet, implementing storage and organisation tools, and creating a formula to make it super easy to get dressed. For example, hang your jackets on a separate rack and add one to your outfit before walking out the door!

Pictured: Braided Jacket, Check Double Breasted Blazer, Button Peacoat, all from Witchery.

You've got too many of the same item

Are you the proud owner of four denim shirts? Eight white t-shirts? 13 pairs of jeans? We're all guilty of stockpiling our favourite wardrobe items, but having too many options of the exact same thing can only mean bad news for our getting-ready routine. Be honest and ruthless and donate the ones you no longer wear! By having only one of each piece, you'll be forced to wear that. The best part is, it's your favourite, so you'll always feel a million bucks wearing it.

Pictured: Zip Denim Jacket, Stripe Scoop Tee, Mila Jean, all from Witchery.

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