Grey Labs

Grey Labs brings together the latest technology as each Lab is uniquely designed to support your rest, recovery and relaxation. Come experience the power of giving to yourself as the foundation of improving your health, performance and overall wellbeing.

Which Grey Lab experience suits you?
• Cryo Lab – Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. Cryotherapy can be utilised for chronic pain management, workout recovery, mental well-being and weight management.
• Oxygen Lab – Oxygen Therapy supports the body’s own healing process, enhancing the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduce swelling and allow new blood vessels to grow more rapidly into the affected areas. Hydrogen Therapy is effective at removing free radicals due to its ability to selectively scavenge these toxic and damaging radicals.
• Float Lab – Flotation creates a near zero-gravity environment, also referred to as ‘Sensory Deprivation Therapy’ floating helps reduce stress as it removes stimuli which calms our central nervous system down.
• Sauna Lab – A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air which in turn warms your body. The Sunlighten mPulse Spectrum Infrared Sauna uses light to create heat which heats your body directly, rather than simply warming the air.

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