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Halo Swaddlesure Newborn Leaves

Please check the latest pricing and stock availability directly with the retailer before travelling to the centre.

Replaces loose blankets in the cot that can cover the babies face and interfere with breathing. And reduces the startle reflex to keep them settled. Discontinue swaddling when the baby shows signs

of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle wrap.

Product Features

  • TOG 1.0 ideal year round
  • 100% cotton
  • Patented, three-point fastening system resists "breakouts" for superior, more secure swaddling.
  • Roomier pouch design ensures healthy hip development and easy diaper access - no need to unswaddle your baby.
  • "Back is best" embroidery reminds all caregivers that babies should sleep on their backs.

What is a TOG?

TOG is a measure of warmth rating.

How to choose a TOG

0.5 TOG Hot weather (for room temperature 24-27degC)
1.0 TOG Warm/Mild weather (for room temperature 20-23degC)
2.5 TOG Cooler weather (for room temperature 16-20degC)
3.5 TOG Cold weather (for room temperature 16-20degC)