Pet photography: Santa photos with the whole family


Pet photography: Santa photos with the whole family

  • 14th

    Thu, 7.00am - 9.30am.

  • Level 1 Centre Court, near Foot Locker. View Map

Have a very Furry Christmas at Westfield Miranda, with Santa photos for the whole family.

Online bookings are essential

Spaces are limited. Please note, there are no walk-ins. See session times below:

Thursday 14 November: 6pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 21 November: 6pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 28 November: 6pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 5 December: 6pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 12 December: 6pm - 8:30pm

If you have any questions regarding your pet photography session, please contact Santa Support on 02 8294 5899. T&Cs apply, click here for more info.

Plan your trip

Best parking: Enter via the Kingsway. Best parking is Green B1, Green Basement or Valet Parking.

For more parking info, click here.

You will then need to wait at the Fig Tree for your name to be called.

Photography packages

In order to book online, you will need to pre-purchase a package. Please note a $3.95 booking fee applies. Please see the pricelist here.

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Please also note that when you book a photo online for you and your pet, you are automatically opting into the below terms and conditions.

  • Owner/s must be responsible for their pet at all times.
  • Owner/s must bring waste disposal bags for their pet's use if required. Please note that waste is prohibited from being placed in bins inside the centre.
  • In the event that any animal exhibits aggressive behaviours, we will ask that they are removed from the centre.
  • Owner/s must wait at the designated entrance, outside of the centres, prior to your allocated booking times. At the time of your booking, a staff member will meet you at the designated entrance and escort you to the Santa photography set.
  • Pets must be brought into the centre on a lead or in a cage.
  • Every endeavour will be made to adhere to your booking time, however in the event that another photography session is being completed, we appreciate your patience while the current pet photography session is finishing up.

Which pets are allowed?
Dogs & cats.