Movers & Groovers at Westfield Miranda


Movers & Groovers at Westfield Miranda

  • KRS Dance , Level 3 Near JD Sport. View Map

    Price: FREE

Introducing Movers & Groovers at Westfield Miranda

As part of our always on approach for our kids and families, we are excited to bring a new and all inclusive dance program to Westfield Miranda.

KRS Dance are proud to host the world's most popular pre-school dance program, Babyballet. Partnering with Westfield Miranda, the idea of 'Movers & Groovers' is a fun, creative and interactive syllabus which not only teaches the fundamentals of dance carefully designed in 3 stages to support the needs of different age groups but also teaches children valuable lessons, in sharing, waiting turns, coordination, musicality, and promotes an active lifestyle.

Their awesome Movers & Groovers classes are designed for children 3-6 years and have fabulous music, movements, props and interactive class activities that are great for both girls and boys.

Their teachers are trained dance teachers who adore young dancers and who provide a lovely introduction to dance.

Join us for a FREE class this coming Thursday
When: WED 18 September
Where: Level 3 near JD Sport
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Cost: FREE, no bookings required