Grandparents Day Community Cook-Off


Grandparents Day Community Cook-Off

  • Sutherland Shire Council, Level 1 Centre Court, near Foot Locker. View Map

We have partnered with Sutherland Shire Council in conjunction with NSW Grandparents Day, held 27th October 2019, to hold 'Which-Gen Rulez Project' at Westfield Miranda.

On Friday 25 October at Centre Court, Which-Gen Rules project will involved the organization of a collaborative cooking challenge between local senior residents and young [people withing the Sutherland Shire. The Project will highlight the value and meaning of connections and collaboration between older and younger people within the community through the provision of sharing and learning ass a team experiencing cook challenges.

Five teams of two older participants and two younger participants will be grouped together and each provided with the task of creating and cooking meals which fits their unique brief. Each team will need to work together to effectively produce a meal which will then be judges by a panel. Teams will be allocated prizes and recognition of intergenerational collaboration.

The Which-Gen Rules project will be filmed and the cook-off challenge live-streamed to capture the connections between older and younger participants. The creative film-making will be facilitated by LOFTUS TAFE students studying film. This will enable students to further their skills and experience, which also providing them with an opportunity ti engage in an intergenerational community activity.

We invite you to join us for the cook off of the century this Friday 25 October from 1-3:30pm. See who will be the champion team taking out the 2019 Cook-off!